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Reid/Mantyla Section Data

Atlantic Ocean by Ship Name/Code

The following is a list of all of the sections organized alphabetically by ship name followed by their corresponding NODC country and ship code. Unknown values are indicated by an underscore, '_'.

Ship Name Code
MT None
OC None
A. T. Cameron 18AT
Akademik Knipovich 90KN
Albatross III 1948-2/20/59 31AB
Antares CUAN
Anton Dohrn Pre-8/72 06AD
Argo 31AR
Asterias 58AT
Atlantis I 1931-9/63 31AT
Atlantis II 4/63-Present 31AN
Baffin 18BA
Baltyk 67BA
Bjarni Saemundsson TFEA 46BS
Capitan Canepa 08CC
Chain 31CI
Cirolana 74CZ
Crawford 31CF
Discoverer 31DS
Discovery II 74DS
Edisto 31ED
Eltanin 31ET
Endeavor 32EV
Erika Dan 31ER
Evrika 90EV
Explorer 31EX
G. O. Sars LLZG 58GS
Geronimo 31GN
Gilliss 31GI
Glacier 31GL
Goyena 08GO
Hidalgo 31HI
Hinders 11HI
Horizon 31HO
Hudson 18HU
Humboldt 31HU
Islas Orcadas 08IS
J. E. Pillsbury 31JP
Kane 31KN
Knorr 316N
Labrador 18LA
Lynch 31LY
M. S. Snellius 64SN
Melville 318M
Meteor Post-7/64 06MT
Meteor Pre-7/64 06ME
Metridia 18MT
Oceanus 32OC
Peder Ronnestad 58PR
Poseidon 06PO
R. Conrad 31RD
Rockaway 31RC
Sands 31SD
Shkval 90SK
Skagerak 77SK
T. Washington 31WT
Thomas G. Thompson KGWT 1963-1991 31TT
Trident 31TR
USNS Prevail T-AGOS 8 31PR
Unknown __9W
Vidal 74VI
Virazon 32VI
W. Edward 18ED