JOA Data


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Reid/Mantyla Section Data

Atlantic Ocean Section Data

1. B1983OCB.TXT ( OC) JOA: satl.1983.OC.23S.joa
A section of 86 stations along 23S, 40.856 degrees West to 13.435 degrees East. All have temperature, salinity. Most have oxygen, phosphate, silicate, nitrate. There are at least 84 full depth casts.
2. B1983OCC.TXT ( OC) JOA: satl.1983.OC.30W.joa
A section of 16 stations from 24.018 degrees South to 11.831 degrees South, along 30W. All have temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate, silicate, nitrate. All stations have full depth casts.