JOA Data


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Reid/Mantyla Section Data

Indian Ocean by Ship Name/Code

The following is a list of all of the sections organized alphabetically by ship name followed by their corresponding NODC country and ship code. Unknown values are indicated by an underscore, '_'.

Ship Name Code
Africana II 91AF
Anton Bruun 31AO
Argo 31AR
Atlantis II 4/63-Present 31AN
Chain 31CI
Charles Darwin 74AB
Diamantina 09DM
Discovery 74DI
Eltanin 31ET
H. C. Hayes 31HH
Hakuho-Maru 49HH
Knorr 316N
Marion Dufresne 35MF
Melville 318M
Meteor Post-7/64 06MT
Priboy 90PY
R. Conrad 31RD
Serrano 31SR
Vema 31VE
Wilkes 319W