JOA Data


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Reid/Mantyla Section Data

Pacific Ocean Section Data

1. P1968OSA.TXT (Oshoro Maru) JOA: npac.1968.OS.142E.joa
A section of 21 stations from 5.383 degrees North to 24.983 degrees North, along 142E. All have temperature, salinity, oxygen. Most have phosphate. Some have nitrate. None have silicate.
2. P1967OSA.TXT (Oshoro Maru) JOA: npac.1967.OS.141E.joa
A section of 12 stations from 19.116 degrees North to 30 degrees North, along 141E. All have temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate. None have silicate, nitrate. There is at least 1 full depth cast.