Chapter Twelve

The Arctic Ocean and Nordic Seas

Data files supplied for Chapter 12 exercises:

  • Arctic sections: →
      • Nordic_70N_2002: →
        • Nordic2002_70N_clean_bottle.joa
      • Trans_Arctic: →
        • TransArcticNordic_clean_bottle.joa
        • TransArcticNordic_clean_CTD.joa
      • Nordic_75N_2002: →
        • Nordic2002_75N_clean_bottle.joa
  • WOA98_heavideci_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA98_heavydeci_Arctic.joa
  • WOA_decimated_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA05_decimated_Arctic_1.joa
  • WOA_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA05_Arctic_1.joa
Download: Chapter 12 Data Files


  • Understand the water masses, circulation and other aspects of descriptive physical oceanography of the Arctic and Northern Polar Oceans & marginal seas

To accomplish this, one will:

  • Learn to extract data subsets from map plots
  • Learn how to use advanced JOA tools for working with basin-scale data sets


  • JOA Section Editor
  • Interpolations Options dialog box


Fig 12i-01 Arctic and Northern Polar sections map

DPO Chapter 12 Sections:

DPO JOA examples are available for the following highlighted sections:
12.1 Introduction
12.2 The Nordic Seas
12.2.1 Nordic Seas circulation
12.2.2 Nordic Seas water masses
12.2.3 Vertical convection in the Nordic Seas and dense water formation
12.3 Baffin Bay and Hudson Bay
12.4 Arctic Ocean: circulation and ice drift
12.4.1 Ice drift and wind forcing
12.4.2 Upper layer circulation
12.4.3 Intermediate and deep circulation
12.5 Arctic Ocean water masses
12.5.1 Surface and near-surface waters
12.5.2 Atlantic Water
12.5.3 Deep and Bottom Water
12.6 Arctic Ocean transports and budgets
12.7 Sea ice in the Arctic
12.7.1 Distribution of Arctic sea ice
12.7.2 Build-up and break-up of Arctic sea ice; polynyas
12.7.3 Arctic icebergs
12.8 Climate variations and the Arctic
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