Chapter Thirteen

Southern Ocean

Data files supplied for Chapter 13 exercises:

  • Southern_sections: →
  • WOA98_heavideci_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA98_heavydeci_Antarctic.joa
  • WOA_decimated_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA05_decimated_Southern.joa
  • WOA_basin_global_gridded_data: →
    • WOA05_Southern.joa
Download: Chapter 13 Data Files


  • Understand the water masses, circulation and other aspects of descriptive physical oceanography of the Southern Ocean & its marginal seas

To accomplish this, one will:

  • Learn to extract data subsets from map plots
  • Learn how to use advanced JOA tools for working with basin-scale data sets


  • JOA Section Editor
  • Interpolations Options dialog box


Fig 13i-01 Arctic and Northern Polar sections map

DPO Chapter 13 Sections:

DPO JOA examples are available for the following highlighted sections:
13.1 Definition of the Southern Ocean
13.2 Forcing
13.3 Southern Ocean fronts and zones
13.3.1 Fronts
13.3.2 Zones
13.4 Southern Ocean circulation and transports
13.4.1 Antarctic Circumpolar Current
13.4.2 Weddell and Ross Sea gyres
13.4.3 Mid-depth to bottom circulation
13.5 Southern Ocean water masses
13.5.1 Surface Waters Subantarctic Surface Water and Subantarctic Mode Water Antarctic Surface Water Continental Shelf Water
13.5.2 Antarctic Intermediate Water
13.5.3 Circumpolar Deep Water
13.5.4 Antarctic Bottom Water
13.5.5 Overturning budgets
13.6 Eddies in the Southern Ocean
13.7 Sea ice in the Southern Ocean
13.7.1 Sea ice cover
13.7.2 Sea ice motion
13.8 Climate variability in the Southern Ocean
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