Chapter Two

Ocean dimensions, shapes and bottom materials

Data files supplied for Chapter 2 exercises:

  • SIO.joa
  • mycity.jos
Download: Chapter 2 Data Files


  • Gain familiarity with the basic geography of the principal ocean basins
  • Locate typical ocean sub-regions
  • Locate major features of the ocean bottom

To accomplish this, one will:

  • Make maps of the oceans
  • Compare maps of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans
  • Add bathymetry ('bathy' - deep, of the sea depths; 'meter' - measure) to the maps
  • Locate
    • Basins
    • Continental shelves
    • Submarine ridges
    • Inter-basin sills
    • Fracture zones
    • Trenches
    • Seamount/island chains
    • Compare various map projections

The tool used for these examples is the built-in map function in the Java OceanAtlas application.

DPO Chapter 2 Sections:

DPO JOA examples are available for the following highlighted sections:
2.1 Dimensions
2.2 Plate tectonics and deep-sea topography
2.3 Sea-floor features
2.4 Spatial scales
2.5 Shore, coast and beach
2.6 Continental shelf, slope and rise
2.7 Deep ocean
2.8 Sills, straits and passages
2.9 Methods for mapping bottom topography
2.10 Bottom Material
2.11 Ocean Basins

Java OceanAtlas does not provide names for oceanographic features or regions. The DPO textbook, an atlas, or an online map may be a useful reference to these examples.

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