Chapter Three

Physical properties of seawater

Example 3A: Before we get started

Files that may be needed or created in this example:

  • A16S_2005_sta085_bottle.joa

Exercise 3A-01: Seawater Properties - The JOA Data Window

Here is a summary of the various parameters in this data file (all parameters not explicitly described because CTD parameters are from analyses of water samples drawn from the water bottle after the sampler was brought on board after the cast):

PRESCTD pressure at the time the bottle was closed
TEMPCTD temperature (“in situ”) at the time the bottle was closed
CTDSCTD salinity at the time the bottle was closed
SALTbottle salinity
CTDOCTD dissolved oxygen at the time the bottle was closed
O2bottle dissolved oxygen
F11CFC-11 (“Freon 11”)
F12CFC-12 (“Freon 12”)
CCL4carbon tetrachloride
PCO2partial pressure of CO2
TALKtotal alkalinity
TCO2total inorganic carbon
SAMP#the sampler number written on the rosette bottle
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