Chapter Four

Typical distributions of water characteristics

Data files supplied for Chapter 4 exercises:

  • WOA05_surface.jos
  • WOA05_A16.joa
  • WOA05_I8S_I9N.joa
  • WOA09_P16.joa
  • A16_2003_2005_clean_cfc.joa
Download: Chapter 4 Data Files

WOA05_surface.jos is a text data file (i.e., not JOA binary data files). This will be explained at the point where this file is used in the DPO JOA Examples.


  • Make a surface map colored by data points (WOA09)
  • Make a surface map with color contours (WOA09)
  • Make vertical sections
  • Learn how to have two or more data sets open at same time
  • Make vertical section of theta from WOA09, following A16

To accomplish this, one will:

  • Open and manage multiple data sets

DPO Chapter 4 Sections:

DPO JOA examples are available for the following highlighted sections:
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Temperature distribution of the oceans
4.2.1 Surface temperature
4.2.2 Upper layer temperature and mixed layer
4.2.3 Thermocline, halocline and pycnocline
4.2.4 Temporal variations of temperature in the upper layer and thermocline
4.2.5 Deep water temperature and potential temperature
4.2.6 Vertical sections of potential temperature
4.3 Salinity distribution
4.3.1 Surface salinity
4.3.2 Upper layer salinity
4.3.3 Intermediate depth salinity
4.3.4 Deep water salinity
4.3.5 Temporal variations of salinity
4.3.6 Volumetric distribution of potential temperature and salinity
4.4 Density distribution
4.4.1 Density at the sea surface and in the upper layer
4.4.2 Pycnocline
4.4.3 Depth distribution of potential density
4.5 Dissolved oxygen
4.6 Nutrients and other tracers
4.7 Age of ocean water
4.8 Optical properties of seawater
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