Chapter Six

Data analysis concepts and observational methods

Example 6E: Maps of Properties on Extrema

Sometimes one wants to explore the distribution of property maxima or minima (collectively known as “extrema”) in a data file. Java OceanAtlas can locate and plot values of extrema. Of course multiple extrema can exist in one vertical profile, so JOA does not always return the expected result, but the results can nonetheless still be instructive.

Files that may be needed or created in this example:

  • WOA05_NorthAtlantic_square.joa

Exercise 6e-01

Continue from 6D-01:

To locate and plot the salinity minimum at each of the stations in the WOA05_NorthAtlantic.joa data file:


This is another interesting plot, though a bit tricky to interpret in places. Start by looking at the freshest (bluest) areas. Can you find the areas where the Mississippi, Amazon, and Congo rivers enter the oceans? See how the fresh Baltic Sea outflows are swept northward into the Arctic? See how the fresh Arctic outflows hug the eastern boundary of North America but also spread into the interior between Canada and Greenland and north of Iceland?

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