Chapter Six

Data analysis concepts and observational methods

Example 6E: Plotting Map of Average of Properties Between Two Surfaces

JOA can also calculate the average of any parameter between two surfaces. Sometimes this is useful when one is trying to visualize distributions of an identifiable layer of water.

Here we will look at the distribution of the weighted mean oxygen concentration between 250 and 750 decibars in the WOA05_NorthAtlantic_square.joa data file.

Files that may be needed or created in this example:

  • WOA05_NorthAtlantic_square.joa

Exercise 6f-01

Continue from 6E-01:


This plot provides a clear illustration of the ventilation (oxygenation) of the Northern North Atlantic Ocean from the Labrador Sea and the Nordic Seas, with high oxygen waters spreading away from these regions. Note also the oxygen minima in the tropics, cut through in the equatorial zone due to the effects of equatorial upwelling.

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