Chapter Eight

Gravity waves, tides and coastal oceanography

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8.1 Introduction
8.2 General properties of waves
8.3 Surface gravity waves
8.3.1 Definitions and dispersion relation
8.3.2 Wind-forced surface gravity waves
8.3.3 Beaches, breaking waves and associated set-up and nearshore currents
8.3.4 Storm surge
8.3.5 Tsunamis
8.4 Internal gravity waves
8.4.1 Interfacial internal gravity waves
8.4.2 Internal gravity waves in a continuously stratified ocean
8.4.3 Internal wave generation and observations
8.5 Large-scale continental shelf and coastal-trapped waves
8.6 Tides
8.6.1 The equilibrium tide
8.6.2 Dynamic tides
8.7 Water properties in coastal regions: river runoff (section qq8.7),
8.8 Estuaries
8.9 Coral reefs
8.10 Adjacent seas
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