Chapters Nine through Fourteen

Chapters Nine through Fourteen Intro

Example 9-14B: Introduction to JOA Maps

Your work with data for each ocean region will likely involve working with JOA maps. It is not difficult to edit the region covered by a JOA map to obtain a map covering only the region of immediate interest.

For example, when you set up a map plot in JOA with the Configure Map Plot dialog box, after you choose a Projection you can choose a preconfigured Preset Region from the 'Select Map Region' list:


Fig 9b-01 Projection/Region section of the Configure Map Plot dialog box

It is also easy to set up a new map or revise an existing one via the 'Custom Region' choices.


Remember that JOA uses negative latitudes for “south” latitudes and negative longitudes for “west” longitudes.

We supply below some suggestions for Custom Region entries for whole-basin map plots. The maps will include principal marginal seas as well as the main basins. The table lists the source, region, and names of the data files, along with suggested Bottom, Top, Left, and Right JOA 'custom region' map boundaries for each.

Source WOA09
(lightly decimated)
(heavily decimated)
Suggested JOA custom region map boundaries
Ocean Region B T L R
North Atlantic WOA09_N_Atlantic.joa WOA09_N_Atlantic_decimated.joa 0 80 -100 30
South Atlantic WOA09_S_Atlantic.joa WOA09_S_Atlantic_decimated.joa -80 0 -80 30
Atlantic WOA09_Atlantic.joa WOA09_Atlantic_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_Atlantic.poa -80 80 -100 30
Indian WOA09_Indian.joa WOA09_Indian_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_Indian.poa -75 30 15 130
North Pacific WOA09_N_Pacific.joa WOA09_N_Pacific_decimated.joa 0 70 100 -75
South Pacific WOA09_S_Pacific.joa WOA09_S_Pacific_decimated.joa -80 0 120 -60
Pacific WOA09_Pacific.joa WOA09_Pacific_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_Pacific.poa -80 70 100 -60
Arctic-1 WOA09_Arctic_1.joa WOA09_Arctic_1_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_Arctic.poa 50 90 -180 180
Arctic-2 WOA09_Arctic_2.joa WOA09_Arctic_2_decimated.joa 65 90 -180 180
Southern WOA09_Southern.joa WOA09_Southern_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_Southern.poa -90 -30 -180 180
Antarctic WOA09_Antarctic.joa WOA09_Antarctic_decimated.joa -90 -60 -180 180
World Ocean WOA09_World_Ocean.joa WOA09_World_Ocean_decimated.joa WOA98_heavy_decimated_World_Ocean.poa -80 80 20 19.9


For the Arctic and Southern region map plots, use the appropriate polar map projections, i.e. “North Pole” or “South Pole”. “Arctic-1” includes waters of the Bering Sea, and “Arctic-2” covers the Arctic Ocean and some of the Nordic Seas.

For the World Ocean map plots, in the 2008 version of JOA one is restricted to use either the Mercator or Miller projections only

The custom region map boundaries which cover the largest areas (e.g., all-Pacific and all-Atlantic) work better with some Map Projections than others. The “Mollweide” projection in particular often works well.


In Java OceanAtlas, you can 'open' one data file and then 'add' another to it, in order to make data files that combine or bridge these data sets.

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