Chapter Eight Supplement

Gravity waves, tides and coastal oceanography

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8.7 Water properties in coastal regions: river runoff
8.8 Estuaries
8.8.1 Types of estuaries
8.8.2 Estuarine circulation
8.8.3 Flushing time of estuaries
8.9 Coral Reefs
8.9.1 Topography of coral reefs
8.9.2 Water properties in coral reefs
8.9.3 Currents in coral reefs
8.9.4 Circulation in lagoons
8.10 Adjacent seas
8.10.1 General inflow and outflow characteristics
8.10.2 Mediterranean Sea Exchange at the Strait of Gibraltar Circulation of the Mediterranean Sea Properties and water masses within the Mediterranean Sea
8.10.3 Black Sea
8.10.4 Baltic and North Seas
8.10.5 Subtropical North Pacific marginal seas
8.10.6 Bering and Okhotsk Seas
8.10.7 Red Sea
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