Guided Tour of Java OceanAtlas

Station Maps

Plots are the heart of the application. One of the first questions you might have would be ‘where are these data located?’ Java OceanAtlas includes station maps. Select ‘Map...’ from the Plots menu. The will bring up the Configure Map Plot dialog box. Select the ‘Miller’ projection from the scrollable list of projections. Select the ‘Central Atlantic’ preset region. In the 'Latitude spacing (deg)’ and Longitude spacing (deg)’ boxes select the pre-set text and type in '10’ and '20’, respectively. Java OceanAtlas maps include default bathymetry based on the ETOPO60 one-degree coarse grid: click the 'bathymetry’ tab to see this (on a new copy of JOA it is set up this way by default). The dialog box should look like the examples in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Java OceanAtlas Map Options dialog box, set up for a Map plot of the Atlantic 11°S data set.

Then click 'Plot'. In a few seconds you will see a map with the stations, shaded land masses, gray bathymetry, and a latitude/longitude grid, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3 Station position map for the Atlantic 11°S data set.

Map plots show individual dots for each station, with a different color for each section (when there are more than one section opened). In Figure 3 the apparent 'cruise line’ is actually a series of 80 individual station dots. The map window is scrollable and resizable.