Guided Tour of Java OceanAtlas


As you may know or may have guessed, we provide links between all Java OceanAtlas plots, including the Data Window:

  • Click on one of the property-property plots (to activate it). See your mouse pointer change to a small cross-hair (only within the plot boundaries)? Now click the mouse button while the cross-hairs are centered on one data point. Note the dot? Check and you will find that the map, profile plot, and other property-property scatter plot also show the dot - these correspond to their version of the same data point - and the Data Window shows the station data at that point. The dot is also called the browsing cursor and it's shape and size can be changed in the Preferences dialog. Try the arrow keys on your keyboard. You will shortly see that you can 'navigate' spatially through the section data up or down, left or right. This navigation is always linked through all the plots and the Data Window. We call this navigation activity 'browsing'.
  • Recall that you selected 'Connect Observations' for your property-property plots. Try navigating with the arrow keys again. Note that on the property-property plots, in addition to the browsing dot, you will see all the data from the current station linked by a thin line. The line shifts when you use left or right arrows, because it is showing the profile from each station as you 'browse' horizontally.

You have now seen one of the highlights of Java OceanAtlas - linked plots colored by a third variable - so we hope you are enjoying it!