Java OceanAtlas Application

Java OceanAtlas (JOA) is a multi-OS application for viewing and exploring ocean vertical profile data. Along with a broad collection of data, JOA is the culmination of a long dream: a collection of some of the most useful oceanographic section data from the World Ocean with a multi-platform computer application for exploring those data.


Mac OS X

Get JOA 5.2.1

(32 MB)


Get JOA 5.0

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Coming soon!


Curious as to what is coming next? Try the most recent work-in-progress.

Previous releases

Mac OS X

Get JOA 5.0.2

(24 MB)

Please note There is a known bug in this release when both CTDPRS and REVPRS are present in the same file.




If you already have JOA 5.0 installed on your computer, you can just replace your copy's JOA5.jar file with the new version.

Follow these instructions to update JOA

JOA 5.0.2 JOA5.jar (6.9 MB)