Guided Tour of Java OceanAtlas

Basic Features

This Guided Tour is a tutorial which provides an introduction of the basic use of Java OceanAtlas (JOA) to explore oceanographic data. It is organized from the most basic features to intermediate ones. Not all features are covered. Users new to Java OceanAtlas will probably want to work through in sequence order, because it is written assuming familiarity with the JOA features discussed in the previous sections of the Guided Tour.

[NOTE: The Guided Tour is based upon Java OceanAtlas 5.5. Some features are slightly different in other JOA versions, but the basic functions are the same.]

A bit of basic oceanography is thrown in, too.Such text is indicated by use of blue text.

The appearance (the look and feel) of Java OceanAtlas dialog boxes and windows is different on Windows and Mac OS computers because Java OceanAtlas adheres to specific user-interface standards for each operating system. The illustrations shown in this tutorial were created on a MacOS computer.