Projects & Methods

This area of the Java OceanAtlas Suite contains documents related to using the JOA application. It is recommended that JOA users first become familiar with JOA terminology and functions via the JOA Guided Tour (first page at

  • Guide to Data Analysis Projects v2.pdf

  • Extensive guide to research- and education-oriented data analysis projects using data from the data area of the JOA Suite site.

  • Comparing multiple data files with JOA SEP2021.pdf

  • Guide to techniques for using JOA to compare multiple data files.

  • O2 in volume units to O2 in mass units.pdf

  • Guide to converting oxygen and nutrient data in traditional "volume" units (ml/l and ┬Ámol/l, respectively) to present community standard "mass" units (┬Ámol/kg).

  • Review of JOA Tools for Data Examination.pdf

  • A JOA-menu-oriented review of Java OceanAtlas tools - plots, calculations, filters, etc. - useful for exploring oceanographic profile data.